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Wingardhs Mill House

Wingardhs is committed to the artistic and poetic dimensions of architecture.”

Mill House

Wingardhs Mill House in Vastra Karup, Sweden is a manifestation of the Swedish ritual of sauna and bathing.

Well I think they nailed this one. This house probably cost a pretty penny (therefore not an option for most of the people on the planet) but I couldn’t resist posting it due to the sheer beauty of it.

This place is basically a small vacation house with a sauna and an adjacent pool for the post-sauna-dip. I could live this way. How about you?

Check out the rest of the photos courtesy of Gert Wingardh and shot by James Silverman.

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

Mill House

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72 Responses

  1. john says:

    is this one for sale ? let me have this one pleaseeeeee

  2. [...] Wingardh’s Mill House Wingardh’s Mill House [...]

  3. very beautiful, ecofriendly, and functional house

  4. Winter says:

    Too much wood, Where do you eat? Terrible place for the stove. (food splashing in LR) Why not put the stove on the outside wall and vent it outside?. Wood overkill in the bedroom. I like the seating and half wall and really like the small functional Kit layout ( stove placement aside).
    Love the water and site layout. outdoor patio is sweet.

    Overall it looks a bit overly designed and thought out for my tastes. Fewer design clues and a slightly more relaxed geometry would benefit this house. At least for me.

  5. Shirley says:

    Cool haus, pleasing design, but too too much wood!

  6. Shirley says:

    No Shai, Don’t kid yourself just yet. Not to this degree it’s not! A little bit of everything is just right!

    SHIRLEY: Do you understand that wood IS sustainable…… thats the whole point! Wheras materials such as concrete/plastic/metals are NOT. Think about it……

  7. FarceMcDoogin says:

    carpentry ++

  8. steven says:

    How does one get blueprints to this home, and how does the fireplace work? how DOES it draw? and do the glass panels discolor? How many square feet in the home and Aprox price per sq. ft to build? Please reply very interested.

    • SHS says:

      Hi Steven,

      The best way to get any of that information is to contact Wingardhs directly. There is a link in the post. Let us know what you find and best of luck. We’d love to see pictures of your Mill House!


  9. faze one studio says:

    amazing so beautiful,

  10. bee says:

    Are there a lot of bugs that get in the house?

  11. Vitaliy says:

    Cool. As can be sense in small architecture much!

  12. cher says:

    i believe this house is a summer house or guest house on a farm with a larger, everyday house so perhaps that explains the less functional aspects of this place. i imagine that it wasn’t designed for everyday use. also, it’s in sweden where you don’t have to worry so much about bugs, even in the summer. and lots of light wood especially is very common in summer homes. i agree that it’s mycket beautiful! if only the whole world were so sweet… :)
    p.s. i’d worry more about water snakes than bugs anyway!

  13. vincent says:

    can i get a blue print of this house?

  14. paul walker says:

    Would like to know more.
    If you are CHER this house type is what you could have
    to run to and to get back to earth around the world anyplace you
    want….Wonderful for people on a low or fixed income…

    52 disabled free recycler believe this house could be made from
    last year’s model of things that goes into land fills… looking
    for my chance..

  15. Tia says:

    Gorgeous! Just came across this from Stumble. My kinda house. :)

  16. Federico Rodríguez says:

    Me gustaría comprar una casa de estas características para poner en un centro de ski en Chile. ¿Cuanto me costaría?

    Saludos y gracias


  17. Looks like a small house but when you look inside of it, wow it is big and amazing. i would live to live in a place like this. Actually it looks like a peaceful house. My favorite part is the room in the attic. It is so perfect. the interior is nice. Oh i just stumbled it too and i enjoy the house!

  18. Tammy Jandi says:

    This is so beautiful!
    Would building it without the sauna and pool lower the cost?
    I live in australia and would love to build it here!

  19. Tammy Jandi says:

    And I have the blue prints and have changed the sauna into an office/spare room without changing the size.

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