Garden House by ARCHTEAM

Weighing in at just over 800 square feet, this 2 level house with an open, loft-like plan is a dream. It is located in the historic city of Kromeriz in the southwest of the Czech Republic (in case you want to go and stare).


“Most of clients for our private houses have limited budgets, for financially modest or average buildings. As a rule, when designing houses we do not have the funds that would facilitate an extensive construction programme, for the building of really large houses. We have designed many private houses where financial aspects were a significant criterion. Financial limits do not limit our architecture.”

“Visiting the site and thinking about where the building will stand is important for us. We always want to give a house a particular atmosphere, and original individual elements. For the first phase of the design, two criteria are crucial for us:

A simple layout that can be modified and adapted in the future in view of new requirements.
We usually work on the basis of an open inner space, bounded by the outer wall and only divided by parts of the load-bearing structure.

A very simple and easy to implement construction.
In a large percentage of the houses we build, their implementation could be described as assembly, with limited needs for drawn-out manual building.”

via Arkinetia

Obviously ARCHTEAM excels at designing simple, modern structures using traditional construction and affordable materials that are widely available. All you green builders out there should chime in on how much you think it would cost to build one. The fact that it can sit on a slab is very enticing.

This house is also featured in Mini House Now (New York, USA) 2006.

We will definitely be featuring some more of ARCHTEAM’s designs in the future!


Photos: Ester Havlova







ARCHTEAM plans 2

ARCHTEAM interior 1

ARCHTEAM interior 2

ARCHTEAM interior 3

ARCHTEAM interior 7

ARCHTEAM interior 8


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    jack barry

    16 X 25…. I love it…

    In SF, Cal, the standard lot is just 25 wide. We need 3 feet in from each lot line, to have windows facing the lot line. Therefore, this width would still work in SF, with our tiny lots . ( 25 X 120, most commonly.)
    jack barry in SF.

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