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Check out these collections of small houses and tiny homes on Flickr!

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    Hi –
    Love this whole idea! I’ve been photographing small houses for about a year now. They are such a restful break from all the McMansions all over the place.I would like to shoot some more. Any suggestions?

  2. 2

    Hi Pam,

    We’d love to see your work. Suggestions… hmm… Get in your car or better yet, get on your bike, and explore. You could post to Craigslist or some other community forum in your area expressing your desire to photograph small houses. How far and wide do you want to travel?

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    Juliet Berry

    Hi, came accross your website while browsing alternative houses. Thankyou for creating such a wonderful site. Really enjoyed looking at all the lovely little houses. Reinforced in me that I could build a little house of my own & that it dosent have to be big or too ambitious. I would love to send you a picture of a beautiful & very unusual little house the=at was up for sale in a place called Belmont North near Newcastle NSW Australia. I live in Springwood in the Blue Mountains NSW.

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    joshua woodsman

    I am founder of website, I am interested in cooperation with your website I have some nice photos of cabin which I designed..I’ll be glad to offer my material.

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