CNN Video: Tiny homes big in down economy OR CNN loves Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

The world is learning to live small and Jay Shafer is leading the way. CNN even says so! Mortgage free? $75/year in utilities? Not a slave to your house anymore? Escape the rat race? Can you live this way? Let’s hear what you have to say?


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    John S.

    This is sad!

    Is this the American dream??

    The people that are going to end up living in these types of homes will not be living there by their choice but will end up living there because they have no other option!

    America is looking more and more like a third world nation as every day goes by.

  2. 2
    Mike Smeltzer

    Can one be comfortable in a small home, I say YES!
    Over 12 years ago I had foreseen higher energy cost and a less valued dollar. So I built a 980 sq ft home! However before you poo poo me, let me tell you its very luxurious as in solid oak doors through out, that includes solid Mahogany louvered closet doors. 1 inch thick pile carpet with 3/4 inch padding w/scotch guard. R31 insulation in the ceiling and 19 in the walls. Roof, floors, walls are all 2×6 16″ on center with 3/4″ T111 Cedar exterior. This all makes for a very solid well built home.
    My heating bill is $400 per year, that includes cooking. Cost to build (I did most of the work) $26,000 that includes 10 acres of land! Small is cool!

  3. 3
    Joel Devin

    I would much prefer to live in a small home than be a slave to debt. I think 100 feet is overdoing it a little however. I lived for years in a 700 foot home in Costa Rica and I found that to be about right. A storage shed comes in handy however.

  4. 4

    I drive through all these new neighborhoods with 2, 3, 4, 500k homes and it makes me laugh. For some reason people think they are more of a successful person if they own some huge home, with a high mortgage and high heating bill every month, all in trying to keep up with the Joneses.

    Shame on these builders as well, who only want to build huge homes and have no care for tearing down woodlands. Its time for the avg american to live frugal and start appreciating life, not material objects.

  5. 5

    No need to live below your means or above.You can have a moderate house and still pay off your morgage in 15 yrs with a little more effort.Cut down on the unimportant consumerism and put the extra back into the morgage. Its only common sense your parents had.

  6. 7

    These would be too small for me, but then I’ve got a family of five.

    Gives downsizing a whole new meaning doesn’t it!

    I say good on them if they are living small through choice.

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  7. 8

    I like the idea of smaller is better. You don’t need 1,700 sf if you are the only one living in a home like me now. I was looking at these smaller mobile homes and when I heard the price, well I could build a similar home for a third of what they quoted.

    I looked at a log sided mobile trailer maybe 100 sf or less for $35,000. I said to much for that. I own a double wide I paid $40,000 new in 96 with 3bdrm, 2 bath at 1,700 sf. Today that double wide will cost $90,000.

    The local menards sells 2 car garages with 2 bdrm living quaters above with 768 sf for around $12,000. Put that down on a slab for another 3,000, run electric for 1,000, run water/sewer for 1,000, blacktop drive $1 – 2,000, labor to build, $0 for self built or $12,000 or less for a carpenter.

    If I do sell my house, you can be sure I will build one with a 2 bdrm loft under $10 – 15,000 away from people with big houses. Than again, I looked at refinancing with renovating my present home. I want steel log siding, steel roof, new window/doors, Carpeting, flooring, appliances, fixtures, rear 12 x 24 deck, renovate current 12 x 64 foot front deck, 2 stall garage, blacktop drive and other odds and ends for under $32,000. My monthly payment will be under $300.00 for 20 years. Decisions, decisions.

  8. 9
    Emily Cragg

    Pardon me, but I would PREFER a small home, like one of these.

    At one time I lived in a 23′ camper, and it was perfectly suited to me except that I didn’t have a place to park it.

    Also, it didn’t have a bathtub which, for me is essential.

    But I would be perfectly happy in a small space among other people in small spaces, with common areas, gardens and opportunities to socialize, about. Great idea!

  9. 10

    If I have to live in something like that, I move out of USA. I sell my house, business, rental property and ….Costa Rica or Nicaragua comes into my mind. Hasta la vista.

  10. 11

    What I don’t hear from the “ones” who are advocating these less than house trailers is, how their wives like living like that. They don’t mention anything about families living in these dog houses. I guess some single guys would be happy in a cardboard box.

  11. 12
    Emily Cragg

    I see some people don’t understand.

    This option isn’t for everybody, nor even “Anybody.”

    This options is for a single, hyper-organized, hyper-neat individual with either intellectual or outside interests, who is in good health.

    Not for most people, I would have to say. But I would love one, rather than living in this 800-sq ft apartment.

    where to put it? Now, THAT’s another question because RV parks charge $20-40 a DAY. You have to have a piece of property, a septic system and access.

    Cool idea though. I lived in a 23′ RV for six months, and that was fine.


  12. 14
    Emily Cragg

    I don’t WANT a home over 400 square feet.

    Okay? I have no need for it.

    I do not want to have to care for a thousand square feet of stuff.

    My life is full; I don’t have time for lots of housekeeping.

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