Tiny House Workshop with Peter King of Vermont Tiny Houses in Bridgewater, VT

Don’t miss the next Tiny House Workshop with Peter King, as seen on Stuck in Vermont and at Vermont Tiny Houses.

Learn basic carpentry skills and Tiny House design.

No experience needed, just a willingness to learn.

As a team we will build a 12′ X 16′ house with a loft, and a 12/12 roof. 90% of the material will be pre-cut, allowing us to build from foundation to roof ridge cap in two 8-hour days! Learn floor framing, wall raising, door and window installation, exterior sheathing. Alternative options for wall and roof sheathing, door and window selection, heating sources, water, septic, electric, garden, and greenhouse design will be discussed.

The two-day workshop will take place in the Bridgewater area, VT.
Saturday and Sunday, 7/11-7/12/09; 9am-5pm.
The cost is $250, including cooked meals and refreshments.
Don’t forget a sketch pad and a lawn chair. Camping available.

Please reply via email or call 802-933-6103 for more info.


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    Maria Hars

    I happened upon your website and I am very interested in your workshops. As a sustainable designer I want to be able to build what I design using sustainable practices and materials. I would rather speak with you than email, but I couldn’t find your telephone number.

    The great thing about small homes is that you can enjoy the outdoors. Ever walk through a cookie cutter subdivision on a beautfiul day? It’s a ghost town!!!!

    Hopefully this gets to you.

    Thank you,

    Maria Hars, Designer
    Healthy Living Starts at Home….Naturally

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