Small Houses are a Big Ripoff in the UK

According to a survey by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), the government’s design watchdog, close to half of buyers find the rooms in their newly built private housing too small.

Dubbed “rabbit hutch Britain,” much private housing being built in Britain today may not be “fit for purpose”.

The survey of 2,249 householders who bought homes built between 2003 and 2006 in London and the surrounding counties found that 47% did not have enough room for all the furniture they had or would like to have and 57% did not have enough storage.

Angela McGuinness, 39, who bought a one bedroom house in Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex, said she ordered more take-aways because of the lack of space in her kitchen. “You could fit one saucepan and one plate on the work surface and then you had to start stacking things on the fridge,” she said. “It was like dolls’ house furniture. The bath was miniature too and you would have been better off with a watering can. The living room was so small there was only room for three people to sit down.”

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via Small House Society and the Guardian


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    Jim Wangsness

    You knew what you were getting into when you bought the tiny house. You can sleep in a tiny space; socialize in a tiny space because you just sit there, but cooking is another story as you’ve found out. I’m living in a reduced square footage house, so I know your dilemma. I’ve found that I have to get the dinner going and planned out before I’ve had too much Shiraz; otherwise things get really messed up. Put the plates out and do all the major stuff before you start socializing. It can be done.

  2. 2
    homes in valencia

    This is the consequences of having small housing space,you have to cope with the small things that you can actually do inside it. When buying a house,make sure that your needs are satisfied even if the price is good enough or small but also provides small quantity of choirs you can do with the property. It is advisable to think carefully and know all the things that the house can offer you.

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    Jim Wangsness

    I’d still like to have one of those itty bitty houses. It’s all about organizing and throwing away things you don’t need. Think buddhist, or maybe acetic? One bowl, one spoon, sleep on the floor. Hey, I already do all those things! Now I just need to find my house. My issue is having to live too close to the neighbors and all the noise they generate: dogs barking, loud voices and music. If the interior space is small, then you really feel like you’re trapped in a cage. The house needs to be on at least a half acre to avoid this trapped feeling.

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    sian tiksom

    This problem is worldwide wherever there are developers maximizing profit by bribing politicians and local government officials to relax regulations and get dog boxes built as a sad excuse for housing the people-not them obviously. They live in spacious big houses with large gardens thanks.
    Constant immigration and birth rates excacerbate the problem.
    So the cause is overpopulation, immigration, corrupt politicians and developers. If people cant be bothered changing the political system then they should stop having kids as there isnt the space. Even one kid is too many in the average 3 bedroom house as the bedrooms are needed for storage and wardrobe space and these houses are really not even big enough for a single to live in comfortably. from:

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    Jim Wangsness

    I feel your pain, as they say. And as I’ve stated here before, it’s all about having space outside. I’m in southern California, so you can spend a lot of time outdoors if the walls start closing in on me. In colder climates you have to stay inside.

    How do the Japanese do it? An average home/flat there is around 600 sq. ft. for a family of 4.

  6. 6
    Dave UK

    It’s easy to solve a lot of these problems- make politicians, architects and builders live in their own designs under the same “minimalist” conditions as they expect others to live in. Problem would be cured overnight.

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