Arvesund’s small Hermit’s Cabin

The Hermit’s Cabin is a collaboration between designer Mats Theselius and Arvesund, a progressive Swedish design company. Don’t plan on sharing one – it is designed for one but… you can do it winter, spring, summer and fall. Think retreat and stillness. The cabin now comes in 2 sizes (you guessed it – large and small at 86 sq ft and 107 sq ft respectively.) Originally it was covered with boards from old North Sweden barns – but you can customize them to your hearts content. Since 2001 Arvesund has been shipping the Hermit’s Cabin all over the world.

Arvesund's Hermit's Cabin

Additions include a handmade wood burning stove with water heater and an interior furniture package made in Arvesund’s own joinery in Jämtland. The interior package consists of a bed, chair, table, wardrobe and shelves.

“…this cabin is rather a way of channelling the city dweller’s lack of seclusion and proximity to nature. I wanted to show people’s longing to escape from the intensity of urban life. The Hermit’s Cabin raises the issue of the individual versus society, and of mankind’s fundamental need for solitude. It’s about our origins and our relation to nature from the perspective of the urban society. Therefore the cabin is filled with most of the things a person need rather than the religious notion of the aesthetic or the most basic. Here you can light a fire, eat, sleep, read, doze or quite simply do nothing.” Mats Theselius, designer.

Our only question is… where is the bathroom?

The Hermit´s Cabin Original:
Area: 86 sq feet
Length: 9.6′
Width: 8.7′
Height front: 8.2′
Height back: 10′
Weight approximately: 3300 lb

Arvesund's Hermit's Cabin

photo credits: Arvesund
via: Busyboo


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