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Small House Movement in the News

The Small House Movement is in the news again. KXAN recently featured a story about “Tiny houses (that) stress reuse and energy efficiency.” Will recession and foreclosures in the news, even the mainstream media is starting to ask: “what if the homeowners had bought small houses instead?”

Granted, they would have had to make do with less space, but their mortgage payments would have been only a fraction of the owners’ current obligations and they would have saved big on energy costs and taxes, as well. If that realization spreads throughout the marketplace, America could be in for a “small revolution.” So say proponents of the something called the “Small House Movement.”

Check out the video (it will start after the ad):

Is it time to go down to the basics? Time to have a house that you can live in until the day you die, instead of having to get kicked out because you can’t pay the taxes, can’t afford the energy bill? Brad Kittel, the King of Texas Tiny Houses still says so. And small is definitely beautiful in his world.

If you are living in a Tiny Texas House, please drop us a line. We’d love to feature it in our new Small House Real Life column.

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