Less is More: Designing & Renovating the Smaller Home @ Yestermorrow

If you are planning on being in Vermont this fall don’t miss a chance to participate in the Yestermorrow Design/Build School’s Less is More workshop that will cover the in’s and out’s of designing and renovating the smaller home.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Length: 5 days
Tuition: $750 (scholarships available)
Dates: Nov. 8-13, 2009

At the heart of our current economic mess is the ubiquitous “McMansion”, a bloated and unsustainable product. This course presents new paradigms and design strategies for future dwellings. Through field trips, studio workshops, and interactive lecture and discussion sessions, we will provide examples and opportunities to spark your imagination. We will explore various cultures and modalities: from Pueblo to Tokyo; trailers to tree-houses, yurts and domes; historic houses, prefabs, off-grid houses & loft apartments in order to cull ideas that will help you shape your project or concept. You will learn about factors that are specific to new small home design or renovation, how to evaluate the workability of existing spaces, and lifestyle choices that are congruous with small living spaces. Students leaving this course will take home schematic designs that they have developed throughout the course of the week. All Levels.

The Yestermorrow Design/Build School‘s mission is to inspire people to create a better, more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that integrates design and craft as a creative, interactive process.

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